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The Gastric Sleeve / Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure

Single Incision Belly button approach now offered for suitable patients.

Gastric Sleeve is modification of an old technique called Magenstrasse and Mill procedure. This new technique removes the unused portion of the stomach permanently.



The gastric sleeve originated as stage 1 of the Duodenal Switch procedure in the super morbidly obese. In this procedure 75 to 85 percent of the stomach is removed and the remaining stomach is banana shaped leaving the outlet valve of the stomach intact. Currently the gastric sleeve is offered as a primary weight loss procedure and as a revision option for suitable patients. The Gastric Sleeve does not cause any significant malabsorption issues because the intestines are not bypassed. Some theory indicates that with the portion of the stomach that is removed the hunger producing hormones such as Ghrelin are reduced significantly thereby helping with the weight loss process.

The main advantage of this procedure is that long term complication risk is less. The procedure initial risks are very similar to gastric bypass surgery. Existing 5 year follow-up data indicates that weight loss with Sleeve gastrectomy is similar to the Gastric bypass procedure. This procedure is permanent with no options of reversibility. In 2010 many insurance policies started covering the Gastric Sleeve procedure.
Dr. Ganta now offers the Single Incision belly button Gastric Sleeve procedure leaving no visible scars and possibly quicker recovery. With this technique patients have a single incision hidden in the belly button.

aibl_procedures_si-lap-band-1Traditional Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve surgery is typically performed using the standard laparoscopic approach.

In the standard laparoscopic approach 5 or more small incisions are made on the upper abdomen the largest one being 1 ½ inches.

This approach is much better than the open surgery but still leaves visible scars and the associated healing.



aibl_procedures_si-lap-band-3(1)Trans-umbilical Gastric Sleeve Procedure

“Dr. Ganta is one of the few surgeons in the country to offer the TRUE SINGLE INCISION WITH NO VISIBLE SCAR approach for Gastric Sleeve to suitable patients.”

Dr. Ganta now offers the trans-umbilical single incision Gastric sleeve without leaving any visible scars on the abdomen.

This remarkable technique involves complete performance of the gastric sleeve procedure via the incision at the belly button and leaving no visible scars on the abdomen.

Dr. Ganta is one of the few surgeons in the U.S. to use this almost scarless approach for the Gastric Sleeve. This new technique of Trans-umbilical Gastric Sleeve allows patients to have significantly improved cosmetic results and possibly less pain and a faster recovery.


All patients are not candidates for this approach. Results can vary and are not guaranteed even for patients determined to be candidates before the surgery.