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Activity and Fitness

Bariatric surgery has given you an enormous advantage in reducing your weight once and for all. The surgery is only a “tool” to help you eat less food. Achieving maximum health benefits from weight reduction requires an increase in physical activity for the rest of your life. This is not always an easy task to accomplish. Meeting with the AIBL fitness educator will allow you to help put together an exercise program that works for you.

An exercise education will be part of your pre-operative testing. A fitness educator will assess your ability to exercise as well as your plans for exercise before and after the surgery.

Together, we will plan an exercise program designed to make the post-operative recovery period as easy as possible and also help you lose weight consistently in a healthy fashion. The exercise program will incorporate activity regimens that include:

  • Aerobic activity – exercise that increases your heart rate and breathing to supply oxygen to all of your organs.
  • Strength training– exercise that builds calorie-burning muscle tissue and tones muscle.
  • Stretching– exercises that improve flexibility.