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DaVinci Robotic Surgery

About The Da Vinci® Robot

The first important thing to understand about da Vinci robotic surgery is that the Robot is not performing the procedure, your Surgeon is. The robotic instrumentation simply helps the surgeon do advanced and precise work.

A new era is dawning in surgical procedures thanks to the cutting edge technology of the da Vinci® Robot and the da Vinci® surgery system. This innovative robotics tool provides surgeons a minimally invasive application in which to perform complex surgeries, such as a robotic gastric bypass, robotic gastric sleeve or robotic gastric plication or LGCP.

Providing benefits to both patient and surgeon, the da Vinci® Robot combines remotely operated robotic arms equipped with minute surgical instruments and 3D real-time imaging to allow for an increased level of precision, versatility, and control in intricate surgical procedures.

Advantageous to the patient, this advanced weight loss surgery affords potential benefits of reduced pain, diminished scarring and complications, less blood loss, lower infection risk and faster recovery.

Dr. Ganta is one of the few bariatric surgeons in Texas offering the da Vinci Robotic weight loss surgery procedures.

DaVinci surgery

Procedures Offered:
Dr Ganta offers Da Vinci Gastric bypass, Da Vinci Gastric Sleeve, Da Vinci Lap Band and Da Vinci gastric plication or LGCP and iBAND procedures using the advanced robotic technology.