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Dr. Ganta Patient Success Stories


Dr. Ganta has performed over 2000 weight loss surgery procedures. Including, gastric plication, gastric banding, and lap-band®. See some of the Dr. Ganta Patient Success Stories below.

“I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life,*

– Deena, Gastric Sleeve Patient



“I can’t believe I’ve lost 105 lbs now!*.

– Leahann, Gastric Sleeve Patient


“It’s been two years since my surgery and I’ve lost 141 pounds*.”

– Ginger, Lap Band

ginger patient of dr ganta after


“My name is Annie and I had the surgery, the gastric bypass, 16 months ago*

– Annie, Gastric Bypass

gastric bypass


“Hi, I’m Susie, I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds, and I feel wonderful*.”

– Susie, Gastric Sleeve

Susie Gastric Sleeve



“I had gone through, and he totally agreed with me that Dr. Ganta was the top doctor*

– Carla, Gastric Sleeve

Carla Gastric Sleeve


“My name is Holly. I had sleeve done eight months ago, lost 54 pounds”*

– Holly, Gastric Sleeve

Holly Gastric Sleeve


“I feel like it’s definitely something that’s a good tool to help get you where you want*

– Jessica, Lap Band

Jessica Lap Band


“My name is Linda. I had the sleeve done on January the 13th, 2013*

– Linda, Gastric Sleeve

Linda Gastric Sleeve



Hear Misty’s Story

– Misty, Gastric Sleeve

Misty Gastric Sleeve


“Hi, I’m Kristina. I’ve lost a total of 91 pounds*

– Kristina, Bypass Revision

Kristina Gastric Sleeve



“Hi, I’m Kelly. I had a gastric sleeve about two years ago, I’ve lost 136 pounds*.”

– Kelly, Gastric Sleeve

Kelly Gastric Sleeve



“Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I had lap band surgery almost two years ago in May. “

– Jennifer, Gastric Sleeve

Jennifer Gastric Sleeve



“At the beginning of my journey, I weighed 421 pounds, I weigh 198 pounds* “

– Ellen, Duodenal Switch

Ellen Duodenal Switch


“Hi, I’m Becky, and I chose Dr. Ganta*

– Becky, Gastric Sleeve

Becky Gastric Sleeve


“My name is April and I did the Gastric Band”

– April, Gastric Band

April Gastric Band


* Please be aware that all results may vary. To learn about specific clinical outcomes please visit the New England Journal of Medicine’s website to view the newest peer-reviewed journals published. [Read More…]

1. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has also produced a guide to bariatric surgery that can be viewed on their website. [Read More…]

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