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My name is Annie and I had the surgery, the gastric bypass, 16 months ago. I lost 120 pounds* and I feel awesome. I decided to have the gastric bypass surgery because I was very overweight, I felt very uncomfortable, I didn’t like who I was.

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My name is Annie and I had the surgery, the gastric bypass, 16 months ago. I lost 120 pounds and I feel awesome. I decided to have the gastric bypass surgery because I was very overweight, I felt very uncomfortable, I didn’t like who I was.

I wanted to have a better quality of life and so having parents also that had major health conditions and other family members and I just knew that I wanted to be different. I didn’t want to have those same types of issues.

One of the reasons I decided to have the procedure is because my back would hurt constantly. I was always out of breath, my knees hurt. My doctor was always telling me I needed to lose weight. And I looked at the people in my family around me who were suffering with so many medical concerns and I just decided I didn’t want to live that type of life. I wanted to be more engage in the life of my children and being able to do things that gave me a better quality of life.

I chose Dr. Ganta because when I first came into the office, I felt welcomed, I was greeted. I was never rushed. Any questions that I had, they were answered. I just felt comfortable with the staff. I felt comfortable when I met Dr. Ganta. I felt comfortable when I came to the consultation with my husband and I just felt that it was a good match. Throughout the pre-surgery, the pre-op visits, I was always given the knowledge and understanding that I needed through to process. I was guided very carefully and was made to understand the process as I went.

Through my decision making and deciding which procedure I was given a very specific information to help me make the right decision for me. Dr. Ganta was always present and always helpful any time that I needed a question answered. If he wasn’t present then the staff was always able to help guide me through that process.

When I had my surgery and came in for my post op visit, and even while in the hospital, if there was anything I needed, I know that I could contact him or the staff and receive the information I needed and not only that the encouragement and support I needed along the way. After the procedure was done, I was greeted, I was always made feel comfortable and always had the time taken with me to help me understand what I needed to do along the way. And those things made me very comfortable as a patient. And I’m very thankful for the process and the people that were involved along the way.

Yeah, life after the surgery has been phenomenal. I feel so much better about myself. I love the fact that when I haven’t seen people for a while and they seen me, they’re like shocked to see me and the progress that I’ve made.

My family has been so supportive along the way and they’re all just phenomenal and they’re so proud of me and my kids are so proud of me. And I’m just so thankful that I’ve made the decision to have the surgery. I feel so much better when I go out in public. I’m not so self conscious like I used to be.

When I go to shop, which I love to shop, and when I go , I don’t have to go to the plus sized sections anymore. I can go and buy clothes off the rack and not have to worry about which section I’m in and I’m just really happy I feel better, I have so much more energy. I’m more enthusiastic. I just feel overall I just am a different confident person because of my surgery.

I think Dr.Ganta is awesome. He’s always been so helpful. He’s very knowledgeable. I feel like he is the best in his field. Not only because of my own experience but the experiences of others that I’ve encountered and gotten to know on this journey.

I feel so confident in him that I recommended him as the surgeon for my daughter who will be having the procedure very shortly as well. I think he is an awesome surgeon and he is very knowledgeable. And he is the best.

I think if you are on the fence, if you;’re thinking about it and you’re not sure. I was the same way but I think that you just have to do it and I think Dr. Ganta is the best way to do it. So take the leap and do it and you will be so happy that you did.

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1. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has also produced a guide to bariatric surgery that can be viewed on their website. [Read More…]

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