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Lap Band

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Weight Lost: 141 Lbs*

Excess Weight Loss: 70%

Procedure: Lap Band

“It’s been two years since my surgery and I’ve lost 141 pounds and I think something like, I don’t know… 9 dress sizes. Crazy, crazy…”

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My whole life I’ve sort of struggled with weight, sort of like a rollercoaster, and tried lots of different avenues to kind of be healthy – you know, lots of different programs – and some were very successful and some weren’t, so I think it was just the highs and lows of it, and then eventually, getting into my upper twenties, it just sort of became too much of a problem, too difficult for me to feel like I could come away from it in a positive way without having something extra. And my family had always talked to me about, you know, lap band procedure or some sort of tool that you could use, and I think I just had a really tough time recognizing that I needed that help.

I kept thinking oh, you know, I don’t have a problem with kind of just going through… you know, just eating and using that as a crutch, and so finally I got to a point where I just felt like it was really becoming a hindrance for my lifestyle and for not being able to keep up with friends and family, and just… it was a tough sort of cross to bear, I guess, and so eventually I kind of decided okay, maybe this is something that doesn’t need to have a stigma attached to it and this is something that can be a tool that I can use to move forward. Something else – another sort of permanent long-term help that I need to kind of get through this, and so we did some research and found Dr. Ganta. I really liked…

I went online and looked at his reviews. I really liked that he was a cutting edge Dr. – that he was really trying new things and trying new procedures and really trying to stay ahead of the curve and that he had actually kind of pioneered a lot of the surgery in town.

He really has a family that works with him. You know, every time you go in they know you, they know your name, and always are just there for you. If you have ever needed anything, you can always call, and Dr. Ganta, the way that he just really supports his group and supports his patients is wonderful, and yeah, just been thrilled.

It’s been two years since my surgery and I’ve lost 141 pounds and I think something like, I don’t know… 9 dress sizes. Crazy, crazy. Went from a size 24 in to a size 4 in dress and a size 6 in pants, so pretty exciting. Whole new me. I lost a whole person, so it’s good.

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1. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has also produced a guide to bariatric surgery that can be viewed on their website. [Read More…]

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