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Why Dr Ganta

One of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in Austin, Texas.

Making a decision to undergo bariatric surgery to improve your health and quality of life and longevity is an excellent decision and for most of you the decision is long overdue. Many patients think about it for years before they make the first step and when you do take that step it is imperative to ensure that you are choosing the best surgeon for best results. You are currently researching procedures and doctors. We realize you have choices. As one of our patients said “If I am going to put a part of my anatomy in someone’s hand, I better be able to trust that person and feel confident that he is going to do his best, he cares about me and everything is going to be ok.” Not only Dr. Ganta has the experience and expertise and performed over 2000 weight loss procedures but he is also portrayed by his patients as a very caring and compassionate individual. Many of our patients say “You can’t go wrong with Dr. Ganta.”

“Dr. Ganta – Offers Full Spectrum Of Weight Loss Surgery”

Dr. Ganta’s practice is dedicated to weight loss surgery and offers a full spectrum of weight loss surgery.

Dr. Ganta had been performing weight loss surgery for over 12 years and dedicated his clinical practice to weight loss surgery only. Most bariatric surgery practices offer either the Lapband or the Gastric bypass and sleeve or some combination thereof. Dr. Ganta offers all the available procedures including the Lapband, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Duodenal Switch, Plication, iBand, Band over bypass, Revisions and no incision procedures such as Stomaphyx and Overstitch. In fact Dr. Ganta was believed to be the first surgeon in Austin to offer Gastric sleeve, Duodenal switch, Plication, iBand, Stomaphyx and Overstitch procedures. When you attend your first consultation or free evaluation with Dr. Ganta you get an unbiased recommendation of a procedure that works best for YOU rather than being offered a procedure that is performed by the practice.

“Dr. Ganta – Innovator And Expert In Single Incision Procedures”

Dr. Sashi Ganta, is believed to have performed the first trans-umbilical LAP-BAND® weight loss surgery in the state of Texas with no visible scar on Tuesday, September 9, 2008. Dr. Ganta has pioneered the new procedure for placement of the Lap-band with a single incision of less than 1 inch hidden in the umbilicus, therefore leaving no visible scars. The SILS band technique improves cosmetic results and may possibly lead to faster recovery and less pain. Since then Dr. Ganta continued to perform single incision lap band and single incision gastric sleeve procedures. The SILS approach is most attractive for patients if they value the cosmetic benefit of the procedure as well. Patients from across the nation seek Dr. Ganta’s SILS procedures. Dr. Ganta’s practice was an approved SILS training facility and Surgeons from all over the country flew into Austin to visit Dr. Ganta’s practice and learn about the advanced techniques for Single Incision Lap Band placement (SILS band) leaving no visible scars.

“Dr. Ganta – Excellent Results With Low Complication Rates”

Dr. Ganta has established a credible record with over 2000 bariatric procedures in his practice after completion of all training. He has excellent results with weight loss and low complication rates. Dr. Ganta established a dedication and commitment to care for weight loss surgery patients. Recognizing that weight loss surgery is a journey and not a destination, he takes a holistic approach to weight loss surgery with comprehensive before, during and after surgery care. Patients at Austin Bariatric have access to excellent and unique after care services. Please check with our office to learn about our aftercare services.

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