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Patient Mentorship Program

Many of the patients feel that they wish they had someone who went through the same surgery to talk to, when struggling with diet, exercise, head hunger and other lifestyle change issues after the surgery especially in the first several weeks to months. The mentorship program does exactly that!

AIBL has developed this unique program for the convenience of our patients. Several of AIBL patients have graciously volunteered to participate in the mentorship program and provide individual support to our patients requesting this service.

Mentorship guidelines:

  1. Upon receiving the email request from the patient, AIBL will contact the mentor and initiate the program with mutual consent. Either the patient or the mentor or AIBL may terminate this program at anytime with or without cause without any notice. This mentorship relationship will automatically cease if either the mentor or the patient is no longer a patient of AIBL.
  2. The first contact between the mentor and patient will always be via email. AIBL is only responsible for initiating the first contact. Subsequently the patient and the mentor together decide the contact method, schedule, frequency, timing, out of limits timings, phone numbers and any and all other aspects related to the mentorship program.
  3. AIBL does not create, regulate or monitor the program and therefore is not responsible for any miscommunication or misperception of information between the patient and the mentor.
  4. This program is construed as an individual support by the mentor for exchange of ideas and experiences and not meant to replace regular medical care. Mentorship program strictly excludes any medical or nutritional or other specific advice of medical nature.
  5. At this time there is no financial or any other compensation for the mentors for their participation in the program and no charge for the patients for this service. This may change at anytime without prior notice.

Participation is limited. To check availability please email AIBL by clicking here.


The following AIBL patients participate actively on our mentorship program:

Sonia Parisher

Janet Milburn

Karen Wynns
Duodenal Switch

Savannah Hamilton
Duodenal Switch

Laura Smith
Sleeve Gastrectomy

Angela Shook
Gastric Bypass

Cheryl Feighner
Gastric Bypass

Simona Colon
Gastric Bypass