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AIBL has an experienced Bariatric dietitian on staff to help you!

Research has shown that weight loss surgery produces excellent long-term weight loss results. However, many behavior patterns must be modified simultaneously in order to achieve and maintain desired weight loss. After a weight loss operation, you will be eating smaller portions. Your body still needs its full daily requirement of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Our approach is simple and easy to follow. Only eat what your body needs now. Weight loss is achieved by keeping caloric intake below energy expenditure. Carbohydrates and fats should be kept to a minimum to promote your body’s utilization of stored fuel. Guess what that is? Right, Fat!

Each operation requires different supplements. And, each and every patient’s nutritional requirements are different. Because certain nutrients (like calcium, iron or B12) may not be well-absorbed after gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or duodenal switch, it is necessary to take additional supplements. Your surgeon and nutritionist will work closely with you to create a regimen that address your specific needs. These needs are not constant and may change over time.

AIBL has an experienced Bariatric dietician on staff. All patients will receive a detailed nutritional evaluation before the surgery. At the initial nutritional evaluation a specific pre-operative diet is discussed. Following the surgery our dietician is available to patients via phone and email for ongoing issues, questions and counseling. Nutritional evaluation is also recommended postoperatively at regular intervals in order to address any ongoing issues as well as to ensure nutritional program compliance by the patients.