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Patient Portal

AIBL offers patients online access to our practice as well as some online tools to measure your success. Patients are able to email the staff members and able to take advantage of online registration tools for support groups and seminars.


Terms and Conditions

By using this system, I understand and acknowledge that I am able to communicate via email with the staff. I read, understood and agree to AIBL electronic communications policy and privacy notice.  I recognize that it is my responsibility to determine if those providers contract with my health insurer and what my financial responsibility will be for these visits. By clicking on the link below and making an appointment, I signify that I have read these terms and conditions in their entirety.

Significant planning and effort had occurred to provide the resources to patient in an effort to reach excellence in service and support during the patient’s weight-loss journey. At times an outside consultation, or consultation and additional visits with members of the program may be needed for special situations, and to assure success and safety as much as possible. Under those circumstances, additional charges may be necessary. The resources, materials and programs offered by AIBL and its affiliates do not guarantee continued success. And, depending on solvency, demand and participation, components, materials, programs, offerings may be added, adjusted or altogether discontinued without notice.


I Accept
these terms and conditions and
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