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A Psychological evaluation prior to surgery is a mandatory requirement of most bariatric programs and insurance companies for approval for bariatric surgery. We do not believe that people with weight problems are crazy!  The psychological evaluation helps determine your understanding and knowledge of the surgery, and your ability to follow the post-operative weight loss plan and lifestyle changes. Many insurance companies require this evaluation prior to giving approval for surgery.  Most importantly, you will find that the psychologist may be helpful in defining your personal goals and expectations.
Psychological evaluation helps to identify or rule out major psychiatric illness such as uncontrolled depression, eating disorders and others. Is also helps to identify patients who need more education and preparation prior to the surgery. Some patients may need counseling either before or after the surgery and the initial evaluation helps to identify the potential need. AIBL works with licensed clinical psychologists to perform the psychological evaluations. The psychologists are also available for post operative individual support as needed.