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Single Incision Procedures

“Dr. Ganta is one of the first surgeons in the country to pioneer and perform the SINGLE INCISION LAPBAND PROCEDURE WITH NO VISIBLE SCAR”

Dr. Ganta offers the trans-umbilical single incision procedures for several weight loss surgery options without leaving any visible scars on the abdomen.

Dr. Ganta pioneered this remarkable technique that involves complete performance of the lap band or gastric sleeve procedures via the incision at the belly button and leaving no visible scars on the abdomen.

Dr. Ganta is one of the few surgeons in the U.S. to use this almost No Scar approach for the Lap band and Gastric Sleeve.

Benefits of Single Incision Procedures:

  1. Cosmetic: The main benefit of the single incision approach is less scarring overall, no visible scarring and the small incision hiding inside the belly button is cosmetically single incision procedure imageappealing. We understand that cosmesis is not important for everyone but it is a blessing for those people that it is important for.
  2. Faster Recovery: The recovery is potentially faster than traditional multiple incision laparoscopy because you have one small cut about one inch long instead of several cuts.
  3. Less Pain: It is our experience that patients with the single incision approach experience minimal pain overall and return to work quickly. Consider this option if you want to give yourself he best possibility of less pain and fast recovery and return to work.

Single incision Lapband
Single incision Gastric Sleeve

All patients are not candidates for this approach. Results can vary and are not guaranteed even for patients determined to be candidates before the surgery.