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Stomaphyx and Overstitch revision procedure

The STOMAPHYX is primarily used for revisions of Gastric bypass surgeries.

Studies have shown that up to 20% of patients after the life altering gastric bypass surgery regain significant amount of weight they originally lost within the first five years after surgery.

The main theory for the weight gain is enlargement of the small stomach into much larger one. Until now the only option available for these patients is a surgical revision that involves reducing the size of the stomach again to a much smaller size using either open or laparoscopic approach with major incisions, hospitalization, complication risk including death and significant cost for patients and healthcare system.


The STOMAPHYX is a great option for these patients because it is extremely low-risk and performed as an outpatient surgery.


The device is placed through the mouth into the stomach pouch under endoscopic guidance. The wall of the stomach pouch is suctioned into the device and a prolene, permanent H shaped fastener is fired across the tissue, creating a full thickness/ long lasting fusion and decreasing the size of the pouch. Usually a 3 to 5 ounce stomach is reduced to half-ounce size using 15-20 fasteners.

The Result

Patients typically go home the same day or the next morning and are back to work within 2 days! The procedure is very new and therefore no predictions can be made about actual weight loss. The weight loss following Stomaphyx depends on the ability of patient to follow the guidelines as well. Some patients apparently have achieved good weight loss up to 40% of excess weight whereas some others have not lost much weight.